1Membrane materials
22D materials (graphene, phosphorene, etc)
3Polymer, biopolymer membranes (formation, modification, characterization)
4Mixed matrix membranes (formation, modification, characterization)
5Inorganic membranes (formation, modification, characterization)
6Carbon membranes (formation, modification, characterization)
7Biohybrid, biomimetic, bioinspired, bionic membranes (formation, modification, characterization)
8Molecular imprinted membranes, chiral membranes
9Nanostructured and multifunctional membranes
10Facilitated transport membranes
11Membrane surface modification/membrane functionalization
12Mass transport in membranes
13Modelling and simulation in membrane science & engineering
14Multi-scale modelling in membrane science & engineering
15Computational modelling in membrane science & engineering
16Artificial intelligence methodologies in membrane science & engineering
17Membrane fouling, biofouling, scaling, ageing, cleaning& maintenance
18Pre-treatment methods for membrane processes
19Membrane modules
20Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration
21Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis
22Organic solvent nanofiltration
23Forward osmosis, pressure retarded osmosis
24Electromembrane processes (RED, ED, etc.)
25Membranes for energy, (microbial) fuel cells, batteries, electrolyzer
26Membrane contactors, membrane condenser, membrane dryier
27Membrane distillation, osmotic distillation, membrane crystallization
28Membrane emulsification, membrane nanoprecipitation
29Membrane-based solvent extraction
30Membrane reactors, photocatalytic membrane reactors
31Membrane bioreactors, submerged MBR
32Immobilized enzymes and biocatalytic membrane reactors
33Pervaporation, vapor permeation
34Membranes in gas and vapor separation
35Membranes in hydrogen production and separation
36Membranes for CO2 capture
37Membranes for seawater and brackish water desalination
38Membranes in wastewater treatment
39Membranes in drinking water
40Membranes in agro-food processing and food packaging
41Membrane affinity chromatography
42Membranes in biotechnology, bioprocessing, bioseparations, biorefinery, biosensors
43Membrane (bio)artificial organs
44Membrane tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
45Membranes in controlled delivery/release
46Membranes for air treatment (purification, dehumidification)
47Membrane systems in space science and space engineering
48Integrated membrane processes
49Hybrid, novel membrane processes, new trends in membrane science and technology
50Membrane process intensification, techno-economic analysis, life cycle assessment